Grab the edge of daily life, and rip it to shreds.

Pat’s sister is with Pádraig while Pat and I are involved in exams and a Summer School. Yesterday, she told him a story and at the end he took her hand and lifted it up to his face. It’s the first time both of us have been away for a few days, nothing we could do about it. It is so strange though. And so lonely.

Ciara wrote a poem and kindly allowed me to share it with you. Thank you, Ciara.

Suan Eile

Bhí mé i mo chodladh nuair a thit tú –
mo shúile dúnta dall ar an uafás a bhí i ndán.

Más féidir leatsa ‘bheith leagtha níl riail nó dlí ar domhan.

Bhí mé i mo chodladh nuair a thit tú –
‘s níor dhúisigh mé ón tromluí fós.

D’iarraidh greim a fháil ar choirnéal…

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