Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry

RTÉ’s Seachtain na Gaeilge offerings this year have a centralised site here. One video shows Stephen Fry, giving his own (informed and very eloquent) view on Irish.

I know what a living language it is. And I know that it is kept alive by the means that human beings most connect – humour, song, memory, collective memory… and I think it’s an immensely important part of being Irish.

Last night was the second birthday of REIC, the spoken word night that I run – where people connect artistically through Irish, in ways just like Stephen describes above.

RTÉ were recording at REIC, so keep an eye on the site. Or here. I’ll be posting about it, of course.

Now, let us remember what one of my all time favourite songs* says, ‘thou shalt not question Stephen Fry’.

* is it a song? is it a track? I don’t know. I guess I’m not cool. I know with trad you’re meant to say tune… I think. Often it’s easier to just say piece.

p.s. I realised today that I wasn’t following either of the lads that made that song/track/piece/thing – so I followed them, and then Scroobius Pip favourited one of my tweets OH EM GEE.




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