FOCLÓIRÍ! My Irish-English Dictionary Guide

This blogpost is to go with the What the Focal!? video guide to Irish-English dictionaries.

In the video I explain what foclóirí I use on a regular basis, and what the differences are between them.  These dictionaries are all online and free!

Bookmark these three sites and you should be covered for all eventualities.
The sites mentioned in the video

Focló – The new English – Irish Dictionary. The most up to date. Great native translations, and covers words and phrases from vulgar to formal. Also has grammar files, sound files, and reverse search function for Irish-English searches. – Electronic version of the Ó Dónaill (Irish – English, 1977) & the de Bhaldraithe (English – Irish, 1959). Also has a ‘Grammar Wizard’ which helps with adding adjectives to masculine/ feminine words, and in the tuiseal ginideach (genitive case).

Té –  The National Terminology Database for Irish. Use this to find terms in specific areas of knowledge, for example concepts in mathematics, in technology, in sports, in astronomy, in education and so on. This is specifically for terms and is not a normal foclóir.



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