WTF!? YOLO as Gaeilge!

I text.

I speak Irish.

I do them both at the SAME TIME!

Here, in the latest What the Focal!? I tell you how YOU CAN TOO!

I cover txt speak as Gaeilge, and the story behind Irish speakers using the number 7 to mean ‘and’. (It’s called a ‘tironion et’ and I love it.)

Full list of TEXT SPEAK covered:
GRMA – go raibh maith agat (thank you)
GRMMA – go raibh míle maith agat (thanks a million)
(a)GOA – (ag) gáire os ard (LOL)
ABMTAG – ag briseadh mó thóin ag gáire (ROFL, literally “breaking by arse laughing”)
NASAA – níl ach saol amháin agat (YOLO)
CF – cén fáth (why)
NBB – ná bí buartha (don’t worry)
GML – gabh mo leithscéal (excuse me)
DS – deireadh seachtaine (weekend)
TBO – tá brón orm (I’m sorry)
OMD – Ó mo Dhia (OMG)
SGF – slán go fóill (CYA)

***Then these two crucial ones which I left out somehow!***
LDT – le do thoil (please)
CGL – ceart go leor (ok)

V – bhí (past tense of ‘bí’)
AN8 – anocht (tonight)
7n – seachtain (week)
CCAB2 – cén chaoi a bhfuil tú (how are you)
CCAB6 – cén chaoi a bhfuil sé (how is he)
J mar? – caidé mar atá tú? (how are you)
A # – a thaisce (my dear)
K – cé (who)
FAB – fadhb ar bith (no problem)
7 = & (this is called a ‘tironion et’)


One thought on “WTF!? YOLO as Gaeilge!

  1. Marconatrix May 11, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    ‘S toigh leam “AN8”, bithidh sin ag obair dhuinn cuideachd 🙂

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