WTF!? Logainmneacha

Part 2 of 3 about Irish Placenames is up on YouTube! If you missed Part 1, it’s here.

Here’s the list of commonly-found words I discuss in the video:

✦WORD (Anglicisation) meaning✦
BUN (bun) bottom
CARN (carn/ cairn ) heap of stones
CARRAIG (carrick) a rock
CILL (kil) church
COILL (kil) forest
CLUAIN (clon)
CNOC (knock) a hill
DOMHNACH (Donny/ Downey)
DROIM (Drom/ Drum)
DÚN (Dun/ Don) Fort/ palace
FIONN (Finn) fair/ clear/ white (colours are mad yokes)
GLEANN (Glen) glen/ valley
INIS (inish/ ennis) island
LEITIR (letter) hillside
LIOS (lis) ring fort
LOCH (loch) a lake


ALSO I found this amazing glossary on that shows words commonly found in Irish placenames, and distribution maps of where the placenames are. Pretty groovy.

Buíochas arís le Foras na Gaeilge as tacú leis na físeáin seo!

le tacaíocht



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