ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

Great news from the Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation today:

Faoin bhféile:

The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival has been around since 2002. It was the first and is the largest international platform for short films based on poetry – the poetry films. Every year, it offers poets, film and festival makers from all over the world a platform for creative exchange, brainstorming and meeting with a broad audience. With a competition, film programmes, poetry readings, retrospectives, exhibitions, performances, workshops, colloquia, lectures and a children’s programme, it presents in various sections the diversity of the genre of poetry film.

The festival has grown steadily since its foundation. Around 2,000 entries from over 100 countries were submitted to the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2020. In recent years, the festival has been hosted in nearly 50 countries around the world. The best poetry films are presented regularly in the program of the Haus für Poesie, including in the monthly series ZEBRA-Poesiefilmclub.

Congrats to Matthew Thompson who shot and directed the film; míle buíochas to Poetry Ireland and the Brikerhoff Foundation for the wonderful opportunity; and shout out to Marino, Dublin 3 on a sunny summer day – the perfect background!

Here’s the video:


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